Posture, Pain, and Performance

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Written By: Dr. Micah J. Lieberman

Clinical Director & Chiropractic Physician

Sometimes we move through life with what we consider are “normal” aches and pains. We wake up and feel a strain or discomfort in our neck, upper, or lower back and have no recollection of a particular incident or injury that may be the cause. We then convince ourselves that it is okay to feel this way.

It is important however to make sure we do not ignore the signs and symptoms our bodies are showing us. These aches and pains over time can lead to abnormal postures. This change in body position takes its toll day after day and negatively impacts our extensor system. Our extensor system is what aids in keeping our head, shoulders, and upper back erect.

What happens if we ignore the pain?

The negative impact leads to certain muscles shortening while others are lengthening causing them to strain and weaken. It creates an imbalance in the muscle tension, causing normal healthy joints to wear and tear. The joints become inflamed, restricted, and painful and will not move normally. Our bodies begin to create compensation patterns to get us through the day and through our athletic competition.

How do we know if we have good posture?

To check posture at home, stand with your ankles, calves, butt, back, shoulders, backs of hands, and head against the wall. If you have difficulty, tightness, or pain with any one of these body parts maintaining contact, then your posture needs improvement before compensation sets in.

If you find yourself with any of the above inefficiencies during your posture testing, contact us at 732.352.3559 to schedule an appointment with our Medical Team. We will perform an in-depth evaluation to find the root cause and fix it!

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