Neck Pain

The Neck

The neck is an extremely important part of the human body. There are a multitude of tissues including arteries, joints, muscles and ligaments that all play an important role in keeping the neck healthy. Because of its pivotal role and frequent use the neck is susceptible to injury and chronic pain.

Neck pain is extremely common with approximately 50%-70% of the population experiencing it at one point in their lives. Severity of neck pain can vary from a minor discomfort to being debilitating. Neck pain can be caused by poor lifting techniques, overuse, trauma and even poor posture. Symptoms associated with neck pain can include localized achy pain, sharp pain, numbness, tingling, headaches, weakness and referred pain going down the arms or in to the shoulder blades.

Treatments for Neck Pain

Proper treatment of neck pain begins with a proper diagnosis. It is then important to establish which of the four main pain generating tissues of the spine is responsible for causing a patient’s pain.

This can be accomplished through asking detailed questions about your condition and performing a thorough physical examination. In some instances, further testing may be ordered including X-ray, MRI, MRA, CT scan, DEXA scan, blood work or EMG/NCV studies so a proper diagnosis can be reached and more serious conditions can be ruled out.

At Comprehensive Medical, our skilled team of physicians and therapists specialize in creating a personalized treatment strategy with each individual patient’s goals and condition in mind. The overwhelming majority of neck pain can be successfully managed completely conservatively with physical therapy and chiropractic care with treatment including exercise, manual therapy, manipulation, modalities, mechanical traction, hot/cold, and advice on how to properly manage your condition while you are not with us in our NJ office.

For the minority of patients who do not respond to conservative care for their neck pain we have other treatment options including pain management with our board certified physicians with treatment including trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, facet injections and radiofrequency ablations. We also offer non-surgical spinal decompression for the cervical spine. Ask one of our skilled staff about the DRX9000(C)™ machine.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality non-surgical care for neck pain in a warm, caring environment.