Visco Therapy for Knees

Restore Your Knee’s Natural Lubrication with Visco Therapy

Visco Therapy is an innovative treatment option for those experiencing joint pain, particularly in their knees. Through this treatment method, Comprehensive Medical Care can replace your knee’s natural lubrication with a thick, sterile mixture composed of highly purified hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component found in our joint tissues that serve as a lubricant and a shock absorber.

Ready to be Pain-Free?

When your knees aren’t responding to more conservative treatments, surgery may seem like your only option. However, you might be able to avoid knee surgery with Visco Therapy.

Not only is this treatment option a less invasive procedure, but the recovery time is much faster. Usually, you only need to rest for a day after the injection.

Visco Therapy is Proven to Delay Knee Surgery

study published in 2015 found that there is significant evidence that you can avoid knee surgery with Visco Therapy. The study looked at 182,022 patients that had total knee replacement surgery.

Patients who underwent this treatment option after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee were able to delay knee surgery. In fact, those without any injections had to have knee surgery within 114 days after their diagnosis.

Patients who had one hyaluronic acid injection were able to delay surgery by 1.4 years. Those who had five or more injections over time-delayed surgery by an average of 3.6 years.

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Visco Therapy Treatment Process

At Comprehensive Medical Care, we utilize a 6-step treatment plan to get our patients back to optimal function and pain-free living.

  • Step 1: Orthopedic Evaluation

    To identify if you are a candidate for Visco-Therapy treatment injections, our team at Comprehensive Medical Care will perform an orthopedic evaluation. During this assessment, our specialists will evaluate your overall health, and they will discuss possible underlying causes of your pain. X-rays, if necessary, can be done on-site to further diagnose your joint pain symptoms.

  • Step 2: Ultrasound Evaluation

    Our board certified MSKUS physician will evaluate your knee using diagnostic ultrasound. This testing is used to reveal other contributing factors to your knee and joint pain that may not have been seen on an X-ray, MRI or exam alone. The ultrasound allows the physician to get an image of the whole area, including your tendons, ligaments and whether or not any fluid is present. This allows the physician to evaluate the overall health and progress of the joint, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment. As a result, this allows you to achieve maximum function and pain relief, returning to your activities of daily living.

    Based on your evaluation with the ultrasound, our team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan to meet your individual needs.

  • Step 3: ORTHOVISC® Injections

    Step 3 in our joint program begins with a non-invasive procedure that decreases knee pain by lubricating the joint and supplementing the cartilage, reducing friction in the joint, and providing some cushioning. During this procedure, we inject a gel-like substance into the knee. This procedure is performed right in our facility in our state-of-the-art procedure room.

    The injections are given one week apart for four weeks, with the combined effect to reduce joint pain and improve function. The injections are virtually painless. However, the patient may experience a sensation of fullness in the joint, which dissipates quickly after walking.

  • Step 4: Bracing

    The goal at CCMC is to optimize your joint function and reduce your pain, allowing you to return to and improve your activities of daily living, as well as be as pain free as possible. Part of your initial examination will include a bio mechanical component, which involves everything that may be affecting your joint mobility and contributing to your pain. This bio mechanical exam evaluates the joints above and below the area of pain (your knee), as these areas are often overlooked and often contribute to your pain.

    Along with this bio mechanical exam, imaging studies are completed to determine the instability of the joint(s), which can be limiting your improvement and your daily function. In addition to our examination, specialized bracing is often recommended to improve the stability and function of the knee joint, helping to get you as pain free as possible.

    These braces are specifically built to improve your range of motion and decreased pain, allowing you to return to your regular activities. Above and below the joint corrections often involve your hip and feet, which often contribute to knee pain. Orthotics and strapping are both additional tools used to stabilize and support the joints.

  • Step 5: Rehabilitative Treatment

    Following Visco-Therapy treatment and brace stabilization, our team at Comprehensive Medical Care will then work with you to restore mobility, strength, and flexibility of your joint through our rehabilitation program.

    In addition to traditional rehabilitation, this treatment program also includes ice and heat therapy, compression boots, as well as class IV laser therapy to further reduce pain and to improve function.

  • Step 6: Comprehensive Follow-Ups

    To ensure that your overall wellness is maintained following your Visco-Therapy procedure, our team at Comprehensive Medical Care sets up follow-up appointments so we can monitor your progress. During these appointments, our specialists will order blood work and rheumatoid panels to analyze your internal inflammatory process, ensure your vitamin D and vitamin C levels are adequate and monitor your levels of heavy metals.

    At Comprehensive Medical Care, you will have the privilege of working with Dr. Gerald Vernon, our interventional orthopedic physician who specializes in pain management. Dr. Vernon is a board-certified doctor who will prioritize relieving you of your joint pain.

    Once it is determined that you are eligible for Visco-Therapy, you can use this method of treatment to manage your joint pain and inflammation for as long as necessary. We look forward to working alongside you to help you reach your goals!