How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Back Health: Tips for Prevention

Amid the fast-paced demands of contemporary living, our backs frequently shoulder the consequences of daily routines. Whether extended hours at a desk, handling hefty loads, or lounging in a slouched position, our lifestyle decisions significantly influence the well-being of our spine. This detailed guide delves into the complex connection between lifestyle and back health, providing […]

Should You Stretch Before or After You Work Out?

You should stretch before and after you work out, but it’s essential to know what type of stretching you should be doing at specific points in your exercise routine. This is because different types of stretching benefit you in different ways. Static Stretching: when you hold a stretch for a certain period of time Dynamic […]

Causes of Shoulder Pain When Throwing

Causes of Shoulder Pain When Throwing

You’ve just had a big game, and you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder. Or, maybe you’ve been dealing with this pain throughout the season, and you’re not sure what’s causing it. Throwing is a common activity in many sports. It’s something that most athletes do without giving it much thought, but it can […]

How to Optimize Your Workstation to Prevent Pain

In the workplace, how you set up your workstations is essential. Whether you work in a traditional office or you’ve taken advantage of the work-from-home era, sitting at a desk all day can lead to health complications like back pain and carpal tunnel. Therefore, your workstation should be ergonomic so that there is little to […]

Diet to Fight Joint Pain


Affecting people of all ages, genders, and nationalities, joint pain can significantly impact your daily quality of life. Fighting joint pain can be a multi-faceted effort, requiring adequate exercise, consistent stretching, and even a modified diet. Diet can actually play an integral role in helping alleviate inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Here […]

October: National Physical Therapy Month


October is National Physical Therapy Month, a month dedicated to recognizing physical therapists for their efforts and raising awareness of the benefits of physical therapy (PT) . At Comprehensive Medical Care, we provide customized PT programs that help patients return to their prior level of functioning, with the ultimate goal of improving overall health and […]