Athletic Trainers Impact Health Care Through ACTION

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Written By: Valerie Bozza, MS, ATC, LAT

Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer

March is National Athletic Training Month and we would like to take the opportunity to feature some of our amazing Athletic Trainers as well as shed some light on the Athletic Training profession as a whole. To do this, we must first answer the question: what is an Athletic Trainer? Simply put,

We Are Healthcare.


Athletic Trainers obtain a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science degree while completing mandatory observation and hands-on work evaluating, preventing, and rehabilitating orthopedic injuries. In order to be certified to perform our services in the United States, we must pass a National Certifying exam governed by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) Board of Certification (BOC) and then meet the individual state requirements in which we choose to practice. In the state of New Jersey we must apply for licensure with the Board of Medical Examiners. To maintain both our certification and our licensure, we must complete continuing education units including many in the areas of concussion, prescription opioid drugs, and evidence-based practice as well as maintain an active status of our CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications.

We work under and in conjunction with local physicians and are in communication with them over the patients we are treating. We are often the first line of defense when an athlete or individual is injured and also treat patients throughout the entire rehabilitative process. We can be found on the sidelines of youth sporting events, functioning as part of the team in orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, serving as a physician extender in both a surgical and non-surgical position, and working with teams at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

In the coming weeks, we will be taking a dive into the role of the Athletic Trainer in the different settings. Stay tuned to learn more about how we impact healthcare through action and remember to show your appreciation for all your ATs do!


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