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This place is the most professional establishment. They have shown compassion and skilled care for my mother,myself, and my daughter. I would not hesitate to send anybody to this place for care. I’m not easily impressed and this place impresses me!!!

Shara M. 

As a meet director, the safety of my athletes is a primary concern. I am running track and cross-country events with as few as 15 teams to as many as 2,000 runners. FASSST has taken this worry off my list. Their Athletic Trainers arrive fully equipped for the meet, on time, and ready to work. The ATs have always been highly qualified and easy for me to work with.

Bob Byrnes

Meet Director, New Jersey Catholic Track Conference

Coming home and working with Fassst SPORT during my recovery process was a great experience. They took me in and gave me the tools I needed to come back healthy and even stronger than before! I know whenever I am in New Jersey , I will always have a family that welcomes me with open arms.

Brittney Sykes

Atlanta Dream Guard, #7, WNBA

I suffered from lower back pain, hip and leg pain. I was unable to sleep and exercise. I now feel renewed and I am able to work out.

CCMC’s doctors and staff were very encouraging, positive, caring and always professional.

Monica L

- Teacher

I was suffering from sporadic back pain that often forced me to miss work and outings with my family. Since coming to CCMC I feel like I am on my way to recovery. I am no longer nervous that the slightest movement will damage my back.

The doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable about the body. I felt that my treatment was individualized. They are also very kind.

James M

- Piscataway, NJ

Before coming to CCMC I was suffering from discomfort in my knees from arthritis and stiffness due to arthroscopic surgery. After completing my treatment my knees feel much better and I have no stiffness. My knees and hips are much stronger.

The staff at CCMC makes my time here an enjoyable experience. You’re exercising to improve your health but having fun at the same time. The staff works together as a team and are always helpful.

Donna M

- Administrator

I was suffering from sciatica, neck pain and had radiating pain in my hands. After my treatment at CCMC, my neck feels much better and my sciatica and back pain has significantly improved.

The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and caring – every single one of them. I feel like they truly care for you and do all they can to heal you. I have and will continue to highly recommend CCMC to all of my friends and family. They are an amazing group of professionals.

Marie D

- Retail Merchandising

Before I came to CCMC I had very bad lower back and neck pain. Since completing my treatment, I feel very good with hardly any pain in my lower back and I feel more in shape.

The doctors and staff made me very comfortable. They were all very nice and courteous about how I was feeling. The DRX 9000, along with Dr. Cho’s treatment plan really helped me a lot.

Mary Ellen B

- Sales Associate

I was suffering from acute pain in my piriformis muscle before I came to CCMC. After completing my treatment I am 100% pain free.

It was well worth traveling so far from home for my treatment at CCMC. The doctors and staff made my experience extremely positive, worthwhile and effective. Everyone was very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Marilyn at the front desk put me immediately at ease and Dr. Sean was very personable and attentive to my needs. It was a pleasure being a patient at CCMC. Thank you!

Diane W

- Homemaker

When I first came to CCMC I had EXTREME lower back pain. After completing my treatment I am able to live a normal life and do the activities I enjoy most.

The Edison office made my experience very enjoyable. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Rich H

- Manager

I was suffering from neck, low back and knee pain. I feel 95% better since completing my treatment with CCMC.

The doctors and staff made me feel unbelievably comfortable and as special as if I was their only patient. V.I.P. treatment. I would recommend CCMC to everyone. I truly enjoyed coming to therapy.

Judith H

- Accountant

I was having neck and back pain. I feel a lot better since my accident 4 months ago since treating at CCMC. I can move about much faster and with ease.

The doctors and staff made my experience very pleasant.

Diane T

- Underwriting Manager