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I came to Edison Comprehensive with neck and back pain. The type of pain was a combination of sensations (stabbing, aching etc). I had been suffering with this pain for quite some time (years) and decided to finally get treatment because my quality of life had diminished. The severity of the pain was overwhelming. Prior to starting treatment, my pain level was at a 9-10. After treating, on days when I have pain, the level is about a 3 – but that’s not everyday. I treated with Dr. Jacob for Physical Therapy. He was EXCELLENT. I cant even think of a better word to describe him. I would recommend him to anyone…so personable. He really cares. I also received a knee injection (Synvisc) that worked really well. Everybody at the office is so friendly and that’s really rare. They all make you feel so welcome. I would definitely recommend this company to others.

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