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I first came to Edison Comprehensive complaining of shooting pain in my lower back, hip and left side. It turns out that I had sciatica for the past 20 years and didn’t even realize (besides the pain). The pain was excruciating. I couldnt sleep and I tried everything including stacking pillows to try and offset the pain. Before starting treatment, my pain level was at a 10. My pain level is now a zero. I will continue to do my home exercise program to ensure that my sciatica stays under control. I treated with Dr. Dan for my Physical Therapy and believe he is the best! He really loves what he does and you can tell. He tried new things with me every week until we found something that worked and in just 2-3 weeks my pain had almost completely vanished! A lot of people are afraid to come and get treated because they think their insurance wont cover it, I know I was. What I really like about it here is that they work with you and your insurance. I would definitely recommend this practice to others…100%.

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