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I have been having lower back pain since I was 22 years old. Its always been a constant pain. Before I started treatment at Edison Comprehensive Medical Care, my pain level was a 5-6/10. After my first couple of treatments my pain level was down to a 1 and now its a zero. If I do experience any pain I just do an exercise or stretch and it goes away. I feel great. I can even karate kick again! I treated with a bunch of the providers here and the whole team was great. I also treated on DRX. It was EXCELLENT! I felt the difference by the second day! I think that the treatment on the DRX and the physical therapy together definitely made a difference . I treated at my last physical therapist for 2-3 years and got no results. This time, here at Edison it actually WORKED! I have referred many people here already and will continue to do so.

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