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Before coming to Edison Comprehensive Medical Care I was suffering from low back pain on my left side. Every step I took put me in excruciating pain. Over the years I had back problems and had been treated for degenerative disc disease. I was ok for a number of years and then this past August I began to feel some discomfort. That discomfort rapidly turned into soreness. By October the pain really set in and was just debilitating. Everything hurt: sitting, standing, walking – all of it. I tried mineral ice and heating pads but nothing was working. I then saw an ad in the Home News Tribune for CCMC that said “Got Pain?” and I said “YES I DO!” the rest is history. My pain level is now down to a 0. It’s non-existent. I treated with Ally for physical therapy and she was just wonderful. I have absolutely no complaints. The front desk was great and you can really tell that everyone likes to work here. You never go to a doctor’s office and see people this nice and happy. I would highly recommend this facility and have no recommendations for improvement.

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