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I was referred to Edison Comprehensive Medical Care by my friend who is currently treating at their Monroe facility. I treated for two conditions while here. I had some bad knee pain due to a torn medial meniscus. The pain would come and go but when it was present it was at a 9 out of 10. I treated with Dr. Dan for physical therapy and received a Synvisc injection from Dr. Aldea who was just so good. My knee pain is rarely ever present now, but when it is it’s about a 0-2 out of 10.

I also treated for my lower back. My lower back pain was so bad that it was incapacitating – I couldn’t even walk! It was a deep throbbing pain. I went to the ER on a stretcher and used a walker to get to physical therapy. During my first treatment I felt improvement almost instantly. Dr. Dan is so smart. He explained everything to me so well. I would come in one day for treatment and tell him about the movements that I did at work. The next day, I would come in for treatment and he had already built a plan out for me that incorporated the movements I showed him to help me condition for them. I also treated with Dr. Jeff for chiro. He was wonderful. He knew right where to go. I am going to continue treatment with him to keep up flexibility. The office staff is wonderful as well! When I came in, I didn’t even have to think. I handed them my insurance card and they handled everything for me. Tara is GREAT! They were all just so helpful. They took the time to sit down with me one on one and explain everything. Everyone at Comprehensive Medical Care is a godsend. I cant even say enough about them.

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