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Meaghan Boyd ATC, LAT

Meaghan Boyd

Meaghan Boyd, LAT, ATC has been a licensed and certified Athletic Trainer since 2018, after graduating from Montclair State University in NJ. After graduation, she pursued numerous career paths within my scope of practice.  Beginning her career, she worked as a stretch therapist, as well as per diem athletic trainer, then moved into a clinical athletic trainer role, working with patients to achieve their physical therapy goals.  Her passion is not only helping people get out of pain but correcting their biomechanics so their activities of daily living can be made easier and they can enjoy life.  With this passion, Meaghan applied to chiropractic school at the University of Bridgeport and started her journey in August of 2020.  Along with becoming a chiropractic physician, Meaghan has decided to dual major in acupuncture.  After she graduates in 2024, she plans to work in the sports rehabilitation realm, not only helping athletes, but also those who want to change their lives for the better.  In her spare time, Meaghan loves to frequent the beach, work out, and be around her family and friends.  She also enjoys playing softball and is game for any other fun activities thrown her way.

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