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As Athletic Training Coaches, we understand the significant correlation between nutrition and athletic performance. Many of our Coaches studied Nutrition & Fitness as part of their Sports & Exercise degrees and certifications. Understanding the interactions between fitness and nutrition is critical to building a proper foundation for your fitness training. Nutritional counseling integrates and understanding of metabolism and physiological concepts in the context of our work with physical training. Sometimes, proper nutrition could be the key component to optimizing your sports performance.

Our Nutritional Counseling for Athletes helps individuals find a healthy balance between healthy nutritional guidelines and the best ways to nourish, fuel and hydrate their body.We explore macronutrient and micronutrient requirements for sport, exploring the specific roles that carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals play in preparing our body before, during and after sport and training. Our Nutritional Counselors can offer nutrition guidelines for exercise with regards to the quality and types of foods.

Specific nutritional counseling is available for:

  • Appropriate timing for various foods and fluids before, during, and after sport.
  • Meal planning advice for competition, training cycles, and down time.
  • Weight management for various types of sport and activities.
  • Healthy weight gain.
  • Healthy weight loss.
  • Counsel for individuals with special nutritional needs, and those at risk when competing in sports.
  • Creating a high energy eating plan.
  • Snacking for sustained energy.
  • Distinguishing between various protein types for building and repairing muscle.
  • Counsel on supplements, performance enhancers, and engineered sports foods.
  • Gender-specific nutritional needs.
  • Counsel and intervention for eating disorders commonly faced by athletes.

We can also discuss specific nutritional concerns appropriate to your individual athletic type.

Our goal is to enable our athletes to observe their body’s cues to make the best decisions about their individual nutrition. In this way, clients can apply the appropriate sports nutrition guidelines to their own training schedule, eating preferences and regular lifestyle to optimize their performance, health and wellbeing.

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