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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a bump or blow to the head. Concussions can be sustained in a multitude of ways from being hit in the head with an object, colliding head to head with another player during a sporting matchup, during a slip and fall, or even during a motor vehicle accident. It is critical that individuals seek treatment when a concussion is suspected and that certain activities, play, and work are ceased while suffering from a concussion.

At Comprehensive Medical Care and Fassst SPORT, we have teamed up with Impact Applications, Inc., the leader in concussion testing software to administer baseline and post-concussive exams. Baseline testing is utilized to properly assess an individual’s neurological function prior to injury. Evaluators use a variety of different physical and cognitive tests, exercises, and scans to complete the baseline reading. These tests include testing attention span, working memory, sustained attention, selective attention time, variability in response, non-verbal problem-solving, and reaction time. The baseline tests can then be utilized to compare to testing done post traumatic injury to assess the individual’s cognitive and neurological return to function.

Following a concussion, our Medical Providers follow the standard of care consistent with the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) and the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) for returning our athletes and individuals to participation and activity. This standard of care includes a structured ease back into exertional activity following a 48 hour symptom free period.

Risks Associated with Concussion

The risks of continuing to play or work with a concussion are serious. They include:

  • Risk of permanent nervous system & neurological damage
  • Higher risk of subsequent concussions

A second concussion before the first concussion has healed can lead to second impact syndrome, brain swelling, and can be fatal.

Youth and female athletes have a higher risk of sustaining a concussion and require a longer recovery period. Additional healing time may also be required for individuals who have sustained more than one concussion in their lifetime.

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