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I was suffering from pain in my lower back and having regular headaches. Since completing treating at CCMC I feel 100% better and I have no pain in my lower back at all.

My treatment went great and I was very satisfied. I would highly recommend their services.

Anastasios T

- Retired

I was suffering from lower back pain which caused pain in my right thigh. Everything during my treatment went smoothly and very well.

The doctors and staff made my experience very easy, I could not ask for more. They knew what they were doing and were very friendly. Great people!

Lois E

- Retired

Before coming to CCMC I was having radiating nerve pain down my left arm and my right shoulder / arm was inflamed from a herniated disc.

I am now pain free most of the time. The doctors and staff made me very comfortable and their attention to my complaints helped speed up my recovery.

Rosanna J

- Teacher

I was having pain in my lower back, leg stiffness and movement issues. After completing my treatment with CCMC my leg feels much better and my back pain has subsided.

The entire staff was extremely helpful in getting me back to my daily routine of life. I am very grateful to everyone for giving me so much help.

Susan C

- Housewife

I was having a lot of pain in my lower back, right hip and thigh. Since finishing my treatment with CCMC I have no more pain in these areas.

The doctors and staff made my experience a lot easier by telling me what needs to be done and educating me on why it helps. The most important thing I learned is that if you have pain, get help. Don’t wait for it to go away because the longer you wait the worse it gets. I would definitely recommend CCMC. Call them if you’re in pain.

Allen G

- Truck driver

Before becoming a patient at CCMC I was suffering from neck and back pain due to a car accident. Since then I feel great and I have no more pain!

CCMC made my experience extremely positive. The care I received far from exceeded my expectations. Everyone involved in my care showed care and concern for me and helped me get back to normal. I am grateful to the entire staff and would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you!

David S

- Sales

When first coming to Edison Comprehensive, I had sharp pain in my left knee. It was swollen. I couldn’t walk and couldn’t bend it. My pain level before starting treatment was a 10. It is now 0-1. I treated with Dr.Dan for Physical Therapy and Dr. Aldea for Pain Management. They were great. I have already and will continue to recommend this service to others.


-Technical Assembly

I first came in to Edison Comprehensive complaining of sharp pain in my left knee. I was on crutches. My pain level was at a 10. It is now at a 1. I treated with Dr. Jacob and Dr. Aldea. The physical therapy here was great. I have been to places before and know what it’s like to see mediocre doctors and to see the best. Here, I saw the best. I would definitely recommend this service to others.


- Retail

I came to Edison Comprehensive complaining of lower back pain. It was a dull constant pain and stiffness. When I first came in my pain level was at a 9. It is now at a 0-1. I treated with Dr. Dan for PT, Dr. Jeff for Chiro, and Dr. Aldea. I would feel comfortable recommending this service to others.


- HS Teacher

I came to Edison Comprehensive with a disc herniation complaining of neck and shoulder pain. My level of pain prior to starting treatment was at a 8-9. My level of pain is now at a 0-1. I treated with Dr. Dan and Dr. Jeff for Physical Therapy and Chiro. I would recommend this service to others in a heartbeat. Both doctors really helped me- the pain is GONE! I was originally scheduled to go to JFK for Physical Therapy but my parents referred me here and I’m glad they did because i feel GREAT!


- Software Company Manager

What a wonderful experience we had at the Monroe office. From my very first phone call, Chris was awesome!!! The staff is kind, caring and extremely professional. Everyone made my daughter and I feel welcome. From Chris to Marilyn, to Dr.’s Glickman and Hart, we could not have asked for better care. The office is run in an exceptional way. Thanks so much for great care and a wonderful experience. The PT’s were also amazing, they started close to when we were finishing up at the office.

Irene D

- Teacher

I came to Edison Comprehensive with chronic right knee pain and a torn right rotator cuff. My pain level was at a 10. my pain level is now down to a 2-3. I treated with Mike and Dr. Dan for Physical Therapy and they were both great. I had a good experience and would feel comfortable recommending the PT service to others.

Linda C

- Attorney