It's the Weekend and Your Back "Went Out..."

It's the Weekend and Your Back "Went Out..." Comprehensive Medical Care

Almost all adults will suffer from some bout of back pain at some point in their lives. You could be performing a routine activity, or trying something completely new, and before you know it, you're on the floor in pain. This can be an extremely scary situation, especially if this is your first episode of back pain. Most times, a visit to the emergency room isn’t warranted unless there is loss of bowel or bladder control, fever, or extreme motor loss. An example of this, termed "foot drop," is a condition where the nerves to the foot are encroached upon causing them not to send their signals properly. This may necessitate more advanced treatment.

Other than these two rare situations, most symptoms of back pain with or without pain into the buttock, groin, hip, or leg can be managed initially at home with therapeutic positions and light exercise. It is critical to get to your physician’s office Monday morning to be properly evaluated, but in the meantime, start by finding a comfortable position.

More often then not, lying on your stomach with your chin resting on your hands or with your back slightly arched and resting on your elbows is a good place to start. Heat or ice, whichever one is more beneficial for you, can be applied to the painful area for periods of 15-20 minutes every hour for as long as needed.

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