Mid Back Pain

Pain in the mid back is often caused by joint dysfunction, poor muscular function, scoliosis, poor posture and less commonly by the discs of the spine. Symptoms can vary based on the pain generating tissue but can include dull-achy pain, sharp pain, difficulty breathing, stabbing pain or even referred pain going into the ribs.

Proper treatment of mid back pain begins with a proper diagnosis with establishing which of the four main pain generating tissues of the spine is responsible for causing a patient’s pain. This can be accomplished through asking detailed questions about your condition and performing a thorough physical examination. In some instances, further testing may be ordered including X-ray, MRI, CT scan, DEXA scan, blood work or EMG/NCV studies so a proper diagnosis can be reached and more serious conditions can be ruled out.

Once a proper diagnosis has been made, mid back pain can usually be  successfully managed with chiropractic care and or physical therapy with treatments  including manipulation, physiotherapy, exercise and advice on proper posture, stretching,  bending, and lifting activities .

For the minority of patients who do not respond to conservative care we have other treatment options including pain management with our board certified physicians with treatment including trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, facet injections, Sacroiliac injections and radiofrequency ablations.

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