Pain in the legs can have many different causes.  From sharp shooting pain, typically referred to as sciatica, to a dull and achy heaviness, symptoms can vary greatly.  Possible causes of leg pain include herniated or bulging discs in the back, narrowing of the spinal canal or intervertebral foramen, peripheral nerve entrapments, occluded blood vessels, bursitis of the hip, and other conditions affecting the nervous and/or endocrine system.

Symptoms to address include foot or leg weakness, pins/needles or tingling in any portion of the leg, decreased sensation of one or both feet, and sharp or dull pains in the back or front of the thighs.  Because there are a variety of conditions that can cause one or more of these symptoms, it is imperative to be properly examined.  A detailed health history, followed by a comprehensive examination by a skilled practitioner can help identify the problem accurately.  Not all cases require advanced imaging procedures or lab tests but if the need should arise, one of our providers will ensure proper care.  Leg pain can be managed conservatively with a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic.  The option for injection and minor surgery is valid in certain cases and will be discussed fully between the patient and practitioner, should the situation arise.  We implore patients to feel empowered with knowledge and options when it comes to their health. At Comprehensive Medical Care, proper treatment begins with the proper diagnosis.