Kirti 'Katie' Jairam Shetty, PT, DPT

Dr. Kirti Jairam Shetty, PT, DPT (“Katie”) is a board certified physical therapist licensed in both New Jersey and New York. Dr. Shetty completed her nine years of academic training first by receiving a bachelor of physical therapy degree, followed by her masters in physical therapy frp, the University of Indianapolis.  Dr. Shetty then obtained her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Dominican College in Orangeburg, New York.

Dr. Shetty has worked in various areas of physical therapy during her nine years of practice.  These physical therapy settings included a hospital, transitional care, subacute care, outpatient care, long term care and home-care.  Dr. Shetty channels her clinical skills and academic excellence to make a difference in her patients’ lives. Dr. Shetty specializes her evaluations and treatments, in order to help reduce symptoms such as pain, restore mobility, rehabilitate injury, re-educate movement and improve overall function for her patients. She believes in patient centered approach to treat her patients’ condition and maximize value based patient care outcomes.  Dr. Shetty is an active member of the American Association of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Shetty currently lives in Secaucus. She is a very active person and exercises at the gym 3-5 days/week. She also loves to travel and dance. She loves to participate in activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, river rafting and hiking in her spare time. 

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