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Take a Quick Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Quiz

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel symptoms, you are not alone – carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is a common condition that affects an estimated 12 million people in the US, with an additional 2.1 million diagnosed every year.

If you’ve experienced carpal tunnel symptoms such as pain, tingling, or weakness, you know how debilitating they can be and how much they affect your work and personal life.

Our goal is to make your carpal tunnel pain a thing of the past!

Find out if your symptoms could be related to carpal tunnel syndrome by answering a few quick questions below.


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Has pain in your wrist woken you up at night?*
Has tingling and numbness in your hand woken you during the night?*
Has tingling and numbness in your hand been more pronounced first thing in the morning?*
Do you have any trick movements to make the tingling or numbness go from your hands?*
Do you have tingling and numbness in your little finger at any time?*
Has tingling and numbness in your hand presented when you were reading a newspaper, steering a car, using your computer or phone, or knitting?*
Do you have any neck pain?*
Has wearing a splint on your wrist helped the tingling and numbness?*
If applicable, has the tingling and numbness in your hand been severe during pregnancy?*
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