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Our team of Athletic Trainers consists of highly qualified individuals who have earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, are certified through the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Board of Certification (NATABOC), and are Licensed through the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (BOE). They are trained to work both in the clinic and on the field providing medical services under the Plan of Care of their supervising physician, Dr. Gerald M. Vernon DO, DC, CAQPM, RMSK. According to the NATA, Athletic Trainers (ATs) are Health Care Professionals trained in injury/illness prevention, wellness protection, clinical evaluation and assessment, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, and organizational and professional health/wellbeing.

Clinical Athletic Training Services

The Clinical Athletic Trainers work hand-in-hand with our Therapists and other Medical Providers supervising the care and advancement of exercise prescriptions throughout the rehabilitative process. They are involved in the day-to-day operations with all of our patients and work within the Medical Team to ensure our patients are being provided the standard of care that exceeds their expectations.

On-Field Athletic Training Services

The On-Field Athletic Trainers work not only in conjunction with our Medical Team, but with our full team of Sports Performance Coaches at FASSST. They are the ones on the front lines seeing all of the athletes’ hard work in action and PROTECTing them on the field.

Our on-field Athletic Trainers provide a range of services from immediate medical evaluation, management, and care of injuries for youth sporting events and substitute high school coverages to full season medical coverage with our professional organizations. Our ATs provide coverages throughout the state of New Jersey and have developed strong partnerships with a multitude of organizations including the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) Metropolitan Riveters, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Sky Blue Football Club, the American Arena League (AAL) Jersey Flight Football Team, and the Jersey Shore Youth Football and Cheer Organization (JSAYF).

FASSST Protect Athletic Trainers are most recognizable on the field with their signature FASSST Black and FASSST Red gear. From tables and kits to polos and tents, you can always spot when a FASSST AT is PROTECTing your sideline.

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