Osteoporosis is a common condition that affects more than half of adults over the age of 65, causing bone loss that can potentially leads to fractures, height loss and a hump-backed appearance. Post-menopausal women are at the highest risk of developing osteoporosis but lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, low calcium intake, excessive alcohol intake, inadequate vitamin D intake, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet can all impact bone mineral density.

Bone lost from osteoporosis cannot be replaced, but your doctor will work with you to prevent further weakening. The treatment plan may include specific exercises, dietary counseling, hormone therapy or chiropractic treatment.

The gold standard in diagnosing osteoporosis is a DEXA scan which can conveniently be performed in our office. The team at Comprehensive Medical Care is skilled in the assessment and treatment of osteoporosis where the proper treatment starts with a proper diagnosis.

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